Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lures for Walleye

Also known as walleyed pike, yellow pike or pickerel, the Walleye is a popular freshwater fish that is a native of Canada and the northern US states. The Walleye has been a popular target for artificial breeding and stocking into waters where they are not naturally found.

Walleye feed extensively at dawn and dusk and on cloudy and overcast days. In silty or muddy water the Walleye will happily feed all throughout the day.

The peak fishing seasons for Walleye are in spring and fall, but they are also caught through the ice in winter on spoons and jigs.

Choosing lures for Walleye
Spinners - cast or trolled
Minnow imitating plugs - cast or trolled
Jigs, bucktails or plastics, are walleye angling favorites.

Also consider these:

  • Maribou Jigs
  • Mister Twisters
  • Crawler Harnesses
  • Lindy Rigs
  • Small Rapalas
  • Hot'n Tot
Gold, silver, green, orange, yellow

Walleyes have a general preference for yellow or chartreuse lures