Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fishing Etiquette

I had a really great question from one of my readers recently about cast netting etiquette that got me thinking (again) about fishing etiquette. Where I come from it is very impolite to fish within 50 meters or so (without asking) of another boat. Last trip the old man and I were fishing a small (read very small) wreck with our anchor over one side we were sitting just off the middle. Another boat came along and was sounding around trying to work out what we were on - they got so close that they almost ran over our anchor line. However, this was not the worst, when they realised we were on a wreck (and they wanted to be there too) they anchored over our anchor line and finished up within spitting distance of our boat - rude! Lucky I am a calm person - lets face it most people go fishing to get away from it all not to join a crowd.

Here are some really good fishing etiquette tips to follow I have collected from all over the Internet:

  • Treat other anglers, boaters and other people we might meet in the field with courtesy and respect.
  • Obtain permission from landowners and never trespass on private lands or waters.
  • Respect the space of other anglers when fishing from the shore or in a boat and give room to all anglers playing a fish.
  • Keep no more fish than needed for consumption and legally allowed and never waste or discard fish that are retained.
  • Practice conservation and use proper release methods for fish not retained.
  • When fishing never leave trash behind, including worn or discarded line, old hooks and bait.
  • Never use as live bait fish that do not normally reside in the waters we are fishing, and never introduce exotic species that may survive and reproduce into fishing waters.
  • Do not spill gasoline, oil or other pollutants on land or into the water.
  • Observe your speed, wake and wash, while keeping a safe distance from jetties, water/shore-based anglers and other watercrafts.
  • Take the time to educate fellow anglers, especially new participants about fishing ethics and be patient with beginners.
Of course there are many more and I welcome any suggestions via the comment form below.

I would also like to hear any fishing etiquette horror stories!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the etiquette tips. I'm new to the waters and just got a Sevylor boat as a gift from my children so this will defintely help me out once I hit the waters.