Friday, February 29, 2008

Carp fishing videos

There has been lots of interest in the few carp stories I have posted on this site so far and this post is another for all you carp lovers out there. I have tried to find the best 3 carp fishing videos I could find that are not only great to watch, but might help new anglers learn a little something too.

Video 1
The first video is more instructional in nature, but also shows some great close quarters carp fishing action. It is presented by semi famous fisherman Matt Hayes who I have always enjoyed watching. In this video he is fishing less than 3 yards from his rod tip and looks to be an exhilarating form of fishing.

Video 2
The second video is fly fishing for carp and has been very well done for an armature video.

Video 3
This video shows the most popular technique for carping by placing your rod in a holder and using a bite alarm.

I hope you enjoyed this post.