Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fishing tips - Fishing with floats

Fishing with floats is a great form of visual fishing and is a very popular method for teaching children to fish. It is as simple as telling them to keep their eye on the float. However, float fishing is not only for beginning fisher people, it remains a very effective way of fishing for certain species. Many species are actually much easier to target with a float and it is important to consider this when targeting surface feeding fish.

I have found a really great article about float fishing that is worth reading if you want some float fishing tips and instead of reinventing the wheel I thought I would post the link. It explains the types of floats, how they work, how to set up your float and a few other useful float fishing tips. You can Read the article here.

Alternatively you can always watch this little video which demonstrates the effectiveness of floats perfectly.


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