Friday, May 23, 2008

Women anglers (My Fishing Report)

I went for a quick fish this morning before breakfast with my wife. We didn't take the boat out and instead fished off the bank, but still caught quite a few fish. Well I actually should say my wife caught most of the fish. Fortunately I am just happy being there and I actually enjoy seeing people catch and release fish. I don't get grumpy when I can't catch them, which is a good thing because my wife almost always kicks my butt in the catch count.

This leads me to todays question - Does your wife/partner/sister go fishing with you? and do they often out fish you when they do? If you are a woman angler do you often outfish your male fishing companions?

I have heard stories of pheromones, sensitive hands and even more patience making women better anglers and I would love to hear from all the anglers out there (including the women) about this topic - feel free to leave a comment.

This topic is light hearted and not meant to be offensive.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about outfishing, because I have male relatives that are some pretty diehard fishermen, but I do think women have more patience, in general. I also think women compete less. It isn't about catching the biggest or the most fish, it's just about catching fish.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

My wife goes fishing with me a lot! She does out catch me sometimes too. She loves to rub it in and its all in fun. Believe it or not my wife is my best fishing buddy, and I have several. 90% of the time she out catches my buddies and I really enjoy watching her catch the big hawgs. She gets so excited and then she really pours it on. All in fun of course, like kristine said "Its just about catching fish!

Tom said...

Thanks for the comments.

Apart from my old Dad, my wife is the only other person willing to follow me out on those cold mornings before the sun gets up.

I couldn't agree more with the "Its just about catching fish" cliche.