Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Biggest bass ever caught

Bass are one of the most iconic freshwater sportsfish in the world and the stories of monster bass caught and loss continue to echo around the lakes of the United States.

The biggest bass ever caught was captured in 2006 by Mac Weakley at Dixon Lake in Escondido. The bass weighed a massive 25 pounds 1 ounce (11.4 kilos) and looked like it had a slight overeating problem (see photo). However, the angler has decided not to claim the world record as there are a few problems with the capture:

  • The fish was not weighed on a certified scale.
  • It was unintentionally foul-hooked.
  • No measurements of length or girth were taken.
  • It was released.
While none of these would have technically disqualified the fish the angler has chosen not to pursue the world record and the million dollar prize. The current record stands at 22- pound, 4-ounce bass caught by George Washington Perry in 1932.

I support catch and release and I was very happy to hear that a potential record fish was released. That means that the monster bass might just still be swimming around Dixon Lake waiting for someone else to catch it, imagine how much it weighs now!


Anonymous said...

That thing is HUGE!!! I only dream of bass that big!