Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seaguar Knot - Fluorocarbon knots for fishing

Fluorocarbon is one of the latest fishing fashions, but apart from simply being in fashion, it is also a fantastic innovative product. If you are unfamiliar fluorocarbon it is a leader material that is basically invisible in water meaning fish feel more comfortable to bite.

I was a little skeptical when I switched to fluorocarbon about a year ago, but have been pleasantly surprised by the bite rate, abrasion resistance and durability. The one downside to the product is susceptibility to friction and this problem can be avoided by tying really good knots and lubricating the knots well. One of the best knots for fluorocarbon is the Seaguar knot designed specifically for joining this type of line to the mainline.

How to tie the Seaguar Knot
To make it easy I found a video!


jpage said...

Seaguar line is awesome!!!! You video really helped. i am a beginner and have trully benifited from using the invizx. I have tryed with other stuff and the results were no comparrison