Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shark attack videos

If writing this blog has taught me one thing it is that sharks capture peoples imagination - especially big sharks like the great white shark. I thought I would use a lazy Friday afternoon to post a couple of my favorite shark attack videos. Just to be clear though, these videos are of sharks attacking fish, not people (it is a fishing blog after all and I don't really think anyone wants to watch people being attacked).

This first video is mad and I watched in amazement as a big hammerhead shark eats a whopping tarpon in what has to be one of the best amateur captured shark attack videos ever. (Mild language warning)

The second video is fairly poor quality unfortunately, but shows some amazing footage of sharks actually fighting over a meal of fish attached to an anglers fishing line.

Both of these youtube videos have had well over a million views and they are both worth watching if you are into sharks.

Be aware that these may be a little scary for young people.


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