Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fishing Knots: World's Fair Knot

The world's fair knot was created by Gary Martin and was selected by a panel of professionals as the best knot out of 498 entries in the great knot search at the 1982 world fair. This fishing knot is quick to tie, does not slip and is very strong. These features make the world's fair knot a very versatile and popular knot with many anglers. Most anglers use this knot with monofilament lines although, because it is well known for a lack of slipping, may also be tied in braided lines in some situations.

How to tie the world's fair knot
While this knot is fairly simple to tie it does take a some practice to perfect.


solo joe said...

im new at this and i fnd the "palomar" very good for most of the knots i have to do.

very good blog u have. i hope i can learn.