Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to catch tuna

Tuna are one of the most popular fish on the planet and unfortunately this has lead to a population demise that is almost unrivaled in the salt water. Fortunately many countries are taking a tougher stand on commercial tuna fishing and the fish are slowly becoming a worthwhile target for recreational anglers.

Fishing for tuna
There is no doubt that most of the tuna species get pretty big and at the larger sizes are a big game fishing target. However, these days most anglers like to tackle these fish on relatively light line and stand up tackle.

One of the most popular methods of fishing for tuna is trolling with feather jigs, small squid imitations, live or fresh dead bait and even hard bodied lures. Outriggers are often used for this form of fishing and where fertile bait grounds exist the tuna will follow.

Another popular method for catching tuna is to drift (or anchor) and start a chum line (burley trail) and wait for the fish to show. Once the fish arrive the anglers send a baited hook into the trail to temp the fish into biting. Chum or bait fish styled flies also work well in this situation.

Sightcasting small lures or flies to tuna is also popular in some parts of the world and can be a very effective method.


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