Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fish Recipe - Fried fish with rosemary

I thought I would post something a little bit different today and include a video for a fish recipe. This is one of my personal favorite recipes and is also a much more healthy way of frying fish. You can use many species of fish for this recipe. It takes about 5-7 minutes and is so simple that even I can do it.

I am thinking about more posts like this one. If you like this type of post then tell me about it with a comment!


Anonymous said...

I always love recipes. Particularly for fish, as I'm not an expert at cooking fish yet.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. I am glad someone found this useful. I am going to try and include some more easy to follow recipes.

Luckily my wife is a great cook and can really whip up some amazing fish dishes - I still have to clean the fish though :-)