Monday, December 10, 2007

Fishing Boat - Sealegs

I was sitting in my office a couple of days ago reading my fishing magazine that had just arrived when I stumbled upon a review of the strangest looking sea craft/boat I had ever seen! So I thought I just had to share it with all my readers.

Sealegs is a New Zealand product and is basically an Amphibious Boat ie. a boat that you can drive on land, into and out of the water. Once you are in the water the legs fold up and you are in a regular boat! Its crazy, strange and extremely cool all at the same time! It would be great for a beach front land owner or someone that likes to launch their boat away from the crowds (or possibly someone that likes to fishing on the highway??) Enough with me explaining it though - you really have to see the pictures and the video!

You really have to watch the video, even if you only watch the first minute!