Sunday, December 2, 2007

Knots and Rigs - Texas Rig

I remember rigging my first soft plastic bait. After 3 failed attempts I had a soft plastic bait that looked more like something drained from the oil rather than a well presented bait. It almost ended my association with soft plastics then and there, but I persisted helped by some great videos that anglers have posted on the web. Here is one such video - Introducing the Texas rig.

The Texas rig is usually fished by throwing the soft plastic as close to cover as possible with the goal of placing the worm as close to a bass as possible. Try to let the lure enter the water with as little noise as possible and keep some controlled slack in the line as bass will commonly attack the lure while it is sinking to the bottom.

If the bass does not hit on the fall, let the worm rest on the bottom for a brief period and then begin to retrieve the lure in a very slow, jerk and pause motion. Be careful to always keep a little tension on the line because learning this technique is a lot about learning to differentiate between the feel of the bottom and the feel of a fish. (wikipedia)