Monday, December 3, 2007

Tips for fishing new water

I came across this article today and had to share it with my readers. It is really worth a read for any keen traveling angler. I recommend reading the complete article.

Larry Elshere

If you love the sport of fishing, at one time or another you are going to venture out to a body of water you are not familiar with. You maybe going on vacation or pre-fishing for an up coming tournament event. It doesn't matter what species of fish you are targeting. It could be Bass, Trout, Muskie, Pike, Walleye, Cats, Pan fish or others. If you have a basic understanding of the fish, then you are going to be fine. The habit's of the fish do not very that much from one body of water to the next.

The same tackle you are presently using will be just fine. Before you venture to a new body of water, I suggest that you purchase a topographical map of the new location. Spend some time reviewing it. It is just as important for you to spend time in your living room, as it is on the water. The more time you spend in preparation reviewing the new water, the more success you well have. After you review the map and see the layout of the new water, you need to mark some areas on the map you feel will be promising.

Once you show up at the new location, have your map in hand, and talk to the tackle store and boat rental personnel, ask for their advice. They are more than happy to help you out. Ask how the fishing has been? Ask them about the species you are after, and where to go? Review the areas you have marked on your map and see if you have chosen some of the same areas. Find out what type of bait has been working the best for the fish you are after. If you don't have a lot of time to spend at the new water, you may want to hire a guide that specializes in your species...

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