Monday, December 10, 2007

Fishing Tips: Landing that big fish

A lot of fish are lost due to poor landing techniques. The first job is to clear the boats floor. Get the hoses, buckets, brushes, lures, and other rods out of the area. You don't want anything in your way while fighting, gaffing, or boating a fish.

Next, communicate! Crew and angler should talk to each other, especially if they're not used to fishing together. Landing a big fish is a team effort.
I you are the angler, yell out when you see the fish, or shout "color", and make sure the fish is under control as it comes up.

You should always stay directly in front of the fish - Remember "no angles, no tangles." You may have to make a few quick moves to keep the fish from going under the boat or tangling with another fish. Never be afraid of dipping your rod tip in the water. If the fish gets under the boat, you need to get the rod down as far as you can so the line will clear the running gear. Once the fish is under control, guide it into position and present it to the netter or gaffer. Never lift the fish's head out of the water, as this may cause it to react violently and break your off.