Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fly Fishing Tips - Fishing the Flats

I found this great article that I thought I would share it with my readers - If you are into fly fishing I recommend reading the complete article:

The flats are the shallow margins of the sea, fertile places where fish come in to feed, or cross over on their way to deeper water and other feeding grounds. The flats are significant for fly fishermen because much of the fishing involved on them is sight fishing and because of the tackle you can use on them. Fly fishing does have some limitations and the flats, apart from presenting you with many challenges, is the place where some of those limitations are the least apparent. Flats are found right around the country and can vary from offshore sandcays to gently sloping beaches. Flats species can be as varied as where we live - bream, and flathead are just two in the south and in the tropics they can range from longtail tuna to barra and permit. Where ever the flats you plan to fish are, there are some fundamental principle to successfully fishing them.

Most fish in shallow water are going to be shy and you have to see them before they see you- Polarised sunglasses are essential. Everyone has their favourite colour and brand and I prefer glasses in the red end of the spectrum - copper and tan are excellent. For me these provide the strongest contrast between the fish and the bottom and remove the blue light of the sky. Clear blue sunny days are obviously the best. I've used many different sunnies over the years, but the Aussie made Stalkers, are the best glasses I've ever used. A broad brimmed hat that shuts out most light is also important. I'm not at all a fan of baseball caps - some specially made peaked caps are good, and its important that the hat has a dark underside to the brim...

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