Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to spool linto onto a fishing reel

Yesterday I posted about you to cast a reel, but I git thinking that it isn't much use me explaining that process if the reel hasn't got any line on it yet! Spooling line onto the reel can be quite a frustrating thing for new anglers and sometimes simply attaching the line can seem all too hard.

For anyone new to this process (or for those of you looking for a better way) I have found a great video that shows the best methods for getting line onto your fishing reel without any twisting! It demonstrates the best knot to use when attaching line to the reel and the best method of winding the line onto the reel. The guy in the video also explains how much line to put on the reel, which is another thing that new anglers often get wrong.

I even learned a few new things myself and it is worth watching the short video.

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Kaos said...

Great video, thanks. Check out these sites for more info on Fly Fishing Reels and Spinning Reels.