Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to cast a spinning reel

This blog is now over 250 words and I am yet to write a post about this subject. I can't believe it slipped my mind!

The spinning reel, also called an eggbeater reel, is the most popular form of fishing reel available. Most new anglers start with these reels as they are one of the easiest to learn to cast and retrieve. They cast long distances and, with a bit of practice, quite a good level of accuracy. They can be used for almost all forms of fishing.

If you are looking to get your child into fishing this is the type of reel you should start with. Even though they are considered a great beginners reel they are equally popular with advanced anglers!

How to cast the spinning reel video
The following video is a good demonstration of how to cast a fishing reel of this type. Remember to practice in the back yard or at the local park first - without hooks!!


Capt Chris M said...

Casting is the most important elements of fishing. If you cannot cast to where the fish are located, you will not catch them no matter what bait you are using. One thing the video does not address is using two hands to cast. Just like a baseball bat or golf club, we could use one hand but two work better. With each cast, you should aim at a spot to improve your accuracy.

Capt. Chris Myers
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