Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rigging a live shrimp (prawn) for bait fishing

I get many requests from people asking how to rig certain baits for bait fishing, but the most requested bait rigging lesson would have to be hooking live shrimp or prawns.

The reason for these requests is probably because live shrimp and prawns are probably one of the best and most versatile baits available to anglers. Where do you find the humans at the all you can eat seafood restaurant? Fighting over the fresh prawns! Fish are a bit the same and at times will ignore almost everything else you present to them. A live bait also kicks and flicks through the water attracting all the fish in the vicinity to investigate what is going on.

Now all you have to do is catch the little things, but that is another post for another day.

How to hook a live shrimp / prawn?
I could tell you, but it is probably better if I show you. This great little video I found on youtube shows the process of hooking prawns and shrimp very clearly.


Dave said...

This works great for the small shrimp - but they can also be hooked right through the head if they are big enough, you can see there brain, as long as you don't go through it the shrimp will live a long time in the water - I use both methods through the tail and through the head - especially when I am trying to get a fish that is picky about what kind of bait they want to eat - like a snook.

telescopic said...

I'll try.