Monday, September 1, 2008

Best fishing songs

Fishing is a subject that much has been written about over the years, but there have also been some fantastic fishing songs written as well. My personal favorites would have to be take me to the river (not technically fishing I guess) and fishin' blues, but there are many great ones out there.

Do you have a favorite fishing song or do you have a tune you like to listen to when you are fishing. Please leave a comment.


Gary said...

I will be releasing a 9-song fishing album, entitled "Casting From the Shore" this summer. Will be sold in fishing stores and on line. No specific genre - blues, rock, pop, folk, country. Full studio band, not just a guitar and a harmonica. Some humorous, some dead-on serious - great harmonies, leads, etc. Look for it...

Gary A. Morse - Colorado Springs

Mike said...

I'm behind the times on this one, but I always listen to a guy named Chuck Ragan on fishing trips - check out his album Feast or Famine. He just nails it for me.